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Dr. Andrea Curry
- The Document Mechanic

"Helping dreams to become a reality, one edit at a time." 

Dr AC Writes LLC - A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

Adjunct Faculty, Author, Dissertation Editor, Motivational Speaker, Oncology Researcher, and Podcast Host

I have always been enthusiastic about great writing, and could not

be happier to have turned my passion into a thriving career as a professional author and APAveditor. Here you will find more insight into who I am. I invite you to explore and enjoy.

Colleague's Feedback

"I highly recommend Dr. Andrea Curry as an exceptional dissertation editor. With her extensive experience in academia and her meticulous attention to detail, Dr. Curry has consistently helped countless students refine their dissertations to the highest standards. What sets Dr. Curry apart is her comprehensive approach to editing. She not only focuses on grammar, spelling, and punctuation but also dives deep into the content and structure of the dissertation. Dr. Curry has an exceptional ability to provide insightful feedback and suggestions to improve the clarity, coherence, and overall impact of the research. I have personally witnessed many students who have praised Dr. Curry for her exceptional communication skills and her dedication to understanding their research goals. She takes the time to ensure that your dissertation adheres to the specific guidelines of your institution, which is crucial for successful submission. For students seeking an exceptional dissertation editor who combines a keen eye for detail, deep subject knowledge, and a commitment to enhancing the overall quality of their work, Dr. Andrea Curry is an outstanding choice. Her dedication to excellence and her ability to elevate the scholarly impact of your dissertation make her an invaluable resource for any doctoral candidate."

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A Bit About Me

My Story

Finishing a PhD is no small feat. There were many days that I questioned if I would make it through. I always had big dreams about what I would accomplish once I finished my Ph.D. I decided on 8/2/19 to begin offering my consultancy services to graduate students. It has been such a joy to help students accomplish their goals and become doctors. It is tedious work that I enjoy. Knowing I had a part to play in others successfully defending their proposals or dissertations means the world to me. I have completed 812 projects since 8/2/19 for 402 clients, and 284 clients are now doctors. I feel so blessed to be able to do what I do. My clients have come from Capella University, Grand Canyon University, Morgan State University, and Walden University, to name a few. I edit quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods dissertations without regard to the discipline.

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I want to help you get phinished!

  • Please note: I do not offer price quotes regarding the final cost of any project. Each project is different, and I cannot estimate how much time any job will take.

  • Phone consultations are not customary or required to secure my services.

  • I require a $50 nonrefundable deposit upfront. Unless I further specify it, this amount is required before any work is completed.

  • All clients must complete a contract, and I will email you before any work is released. It must be signed and dated.

  • The cost of my editing service is $75 per hour. **NOTE: It costs $90 per hour for all rush jobs.

    • The final invoice is expected to be paid within 5 business days unless we have conversed. If you are late with remitting the payment, a late fee of $75 will be added to the invoice.

  • I do offer payment plans via PayPal.​

  • For invoices processed via my website, a 3.5% fee will be added to the invoice.

  • The deposit is applied toward the total hours worked.

  • Turnaround time and completion time vary per project.

  • Once the project has been released to you, there are NO REFUNDS.

  • There are no guarantees that your project will NOT require further revisions from your committee or the school's faculty.

  • Services include checking for APA citation errors, basic flow, and grammar. I do not offer rewrites of your original work or ghostwriting as part of my services. You will receive an invoice and only one PDF page of the completed edits until the invoice has been paid in full.

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Client Reviews

Client Comments​

  • Dr. Curry's editing services are impeccable! She took her time, thoroughly edited my document, and found many errors a previous editor didn't! She's the best. Best investment hands down.

  • Dr. Andrea Curry is such a Godsend. I was hesitant to ask for assistance at the last minute for some formatting that I was struggling with. I was shocked when she quickly replied and completed the edits the same day. You can tell from her spirit that this is more than business... this is servant leadership at its finest! Amazing work, positive vibes, at affordable rates.

  • After receiving several rejections for my proposal documents, Dr. Curry was literally a breath of fresh air! I highly recommend her editorial services! Dr. Curry thoroughly assisted me in making sense of what's expected in my documents. In addition, she's very quick in responding, and is eager to get you to the next level. I definitely will be contacting her in the future!

  • By the end of writing my doctoral study, I knew that I needed and wanted an editor’s eyes on my document. I heard about Dr. Curry through several outlets (e.g., cohort mates and social media). I reached out to her inquiring about services, explained to her where I was in the process, and asked her for advice as to when would be the best time to acquire her services. She was very responsive, professional, friendly, informative, and supportive. When the pace picked up, she made accommodations to edit my manuscript and returned it to me in days. She went the extra mile and became one of my cheerleaders through the last legs of my doctoral journey. I feel like I gain more than just her services, I gained a new friend!  She added to my happy ending! With no hesitation, I will continue to recommend Dr. Curry to others!  



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Literary Works


As an accomplished author, Dr. Andrea Curry is often excited about the opportunity to create literary works. Check out a sample of recent articles below. For media inquiries, please get in touch.

My first published article post dissertation.

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My published dissertation.

Speaking Engagements

I am a motivational speaker who is sought out to share on various topics.

Breast Cancer Talk

Dr. A.C. Speaks

Men's Health Summit

Oncology Perspective

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“I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.”

Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman”

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