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Higher ED

It is so amazing when you take the time to look over your life and you realize that you never had to figure it out on your own. Five years ago I started my journey to become Dr. Curry without a clue about what would be required of me. The funny part is that I dreamed about having the title, but I did not want the struggle. When I accepted that optometry school was not going to be in my future, "Dr. Curry" was just something for me to shrug about.

When I started the doctoral program at Walden, I was so apprehensive. I questioned if I had what it took, but I am not a quitter. At my first residency, I felt so lost because it seemed that everyone was smarter than me. I knew that I could make it through the program, but they were talking about methodology this and that. What?!?!?!!?! I hadn't gone through those courses prior to attending that residency so I was beyond intimidated. We were asked to share our anticipated dissertation topic too. I really was not sure about what it would be during that time. Double yikes.

Getting through my dissertation after enduring so many personal challenges was unnerving. I now look back and realize that every bump in the road was necessary. If I did not go through those low times, I would not be equipped to encourage the many doctoral candidates that I have met along the way. My concern and motivation for others is genuine, and I love being able to share my experiences.

Each phase of our lives simply adds to our story and builds our character. When often do not understand how things are going to work out, and I really do not believe that we are supposed to. We are just tasked with living one day at a time. So if you are on the journey of getting through higher education, be encouraged. I believe that part of the process is that you have to be humbled. It is not supposed to be easy because if it was, everyone would do it. Stay the course and know that I am cheering you on at the phinish line!

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