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My Recommended Experts

Updated: Jan 23

It is so good to have others in your corner who are good at things that you aren't! There simply is not enough time in the day for me to be great at everything. I simply do not want to be either. So, if you are in the doctoral candidacy stage, and you need a little assistance, please check out one of these doctors! They can assist you with coaching and analysis.

First --> Coaching hands down is Dr. Shanell T. Smith. We connected in 2020, and she is a doctoral expert. Anytime someone needs a coach, she is the person I connect them with.

Second --> Quantitative analysis is always Dr. Tom Granoff. He has become my mentor, and I appreciate all of his wisdom. He has helped more students than I would ever want to count.

Third --> Qualitative analysis is Dr. Steve Tippins. He is really nice, and I am thankful to have been connected to him via Dr. Granoff.

I hope this helps!

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