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Unbelievable Faith + Action

Nine months ago, I celebrated starting project #50, and now I am nearing #170. I have focused my energy on giving the best to my clients. I remember when I started this consultancy. It was honestly a way to supplement my income since I transitioned from one job to another and had about three weeks without a paycheck. I never imagined that it would have morphed into what it is today.

I have helped clients all over the United States and abroad to successfully defend their proposals and dissertations. It is such a joy to work with a client all the way to the phinish line. I feel so blessed to walk in my purpose. I never feel the need to compete with anyone because I know that I am anointed for this work. It is my prayer that God continues to give me the strength to do what I love as long as I can. Peace and blessings!

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